Masquerade Masks – How to Select for Guaranteed Fit

Masquerade Masks – The Perfect Fit

In a hurry, check out our Comfortable Masks section for both men and women.

An ill fitting masquerade mask can be an annoying distraction that will interfere with the fun of what should be a magical evening. We have excluded problematic masks from our range so that our online customers can order with confidence.

You are also most welcome to call 0412 658 696 for advice or text a photo of yourself so that we can address any concerns directly.

Mask with Added Stick - Black

Masquerade Masks & Glasses

If you wear glasses or dislike having anything attached to your face, a Stick is the best solution.

We can add a stick to almost any mask for only $15.90 extra.

If you do not wear glasses, you should consider the disadvantage of having one hand occupied holding a stick…. perhaps the other with a glass of wine.

Are you looking for a Masquerade Mask to wear with Glasses. The options are either to add a stick to the mask of your choice or purchase a lace mask and wear the glasses over the top. The second option is not glamorous but it does free up your hands for grabbing canapes or in my case…. talking.

If glamour is important, then go with the stick. If you prefer comfort and can’t be bothered holding a mask on the stick, then a lace mask is the solution.

Ladies Masks

The most common issue when fitting masquerade masks is that the mask eye sockets are small are therefore less likely to line up with your own eyes. The best way to avoid this problem is to select a really nice mask with large eye sockets.

Small sockets can also be problematic if the mask touches the eye lid or interferes with those wonderful eye lashes.

Filigree Mask Sabrina with Crystals
Great Fitting Italian Mask, so much better than the copy

It’s worth considering ladies, that it is difficult to look glamorous if you feel uncomfortable.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I could not blog about good fitting masks without saying that “Italian Made Masks have superior fit because they contour the face so much better than the Chinese made copies”.

I am not saying that all Italian made masks fit well. Some Italian made masks can be a challenging fit, so we don’t offer them to our customers.

You can call me for advice and I love a challenge. I like to offer tailor made options, perhaps something specially made up to suit your outfit which will be unique. So call if you would like to know more – 0412 658 696

Men’s Masks

Men’s masks are far less problematic to fit, the eye sockets are generous on all our masks. Standard shaped masks tend to fit all men well except for giants or the men with cannon ball shaped heads. Sorry guys, its packed full of brains…. right?

Very Large Men may have their problems finding a good fitting Masquerade Mask. We have a selection of  Masks for Large Men that feature our animated “Zane” profile.

Red Joker's MaskGenerally men love the look of these Italianate masks because they are purely masculine. Hey, nothing more masculine than a saucy Italian man…. well these masks are made in Italy for “those” Italian Men.

We often get asked if a regular built guy can wear a Zane mask. Yes, although the cheeks may not contour quite as seamlessly, the overall effect is still very good.

Large Fitting Zane Mask on Regular Face – Still lots of fun.

Gentlemen with a broken or very large nose are also suited to the Zane Profile. They could also consider our Cyrano Mask which has a very large nose.

Alternatively, we can add a stick to the mask of your choice so that you will hold the mask rather than wear it.

Masquerade Masks for people who have a small bridge on their nose.

Perfect Fit Mask for Lady with small nose
Perfect Fit Mask for Lady with small nose

This is the most challenging of issues and we have found the best solution is to purchase a super light Lace Masquerade Mask or a Zorro Mask which, being fabric will stretch over the nose.


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