Venetian Masks

Real Venetian Masks ItalianWhat is Venice Really Like?

Venetian Masks are considered the most beautiful in the world. Italian taste and design dictate the carefully placed embellishments that make Venetian Masks so beautiful. Feathered Masks, Metal Lace Masks and Masks encrusted with Lace, Gold Leaf and Swarovski Crystals glitter in Venetian Boutique Shop windows with the promise of magic, romance and exquisite delight.

Footsteps echo in shadowed cobble stoned alleys, some have purpose, other are carefree. The sounds of Venice mix with the deep melodic language of the locals & the laughter of tourists.

Romantic music takes on a spiritual, magical quality as it wafts from the main square over terracotta roofed houses and the majestic St Marks Basilica.

Among the watery reflections of ancient bridges & Palazzo’s tourists enjoy some of the most memorable experiences one could have. To live in an ancient city, no smog, no cars and no noise other than sounds that embellish the already surreal experience that is Venice.

The elegant City of Venice is the stage for Carnival which is celebrated each year 40 days before Easter. The Carnival creates demand for exotic & glamorous masks that will inspire revelry, mischief and romance.

All are set free to become lost in a dramatic moment as they are disguised behind costume masks, cloaks, wigs and hats. This timeless enduring Festival dates back to the Pharaohs, it has survived the Spanish Inquisition, Napoleon and 2 World Wars. Venetian Carnival offers the modern person an experience akin to time travel as they morph into who ever they wish to become.

The Genuine Venetian

Can Venetian Masks be made in China?

No! Venetian Masks are made in Venice, Chinese Masks  are made in China. We are ethical, correctly describing our masks so that their origin and real value is clear.

Falsely advertised “Venetian Masks” are every where, misrepresented as Italian, by the implication of the word “Venetian” and the alternative to a Venetian mask is a cheap copy. We do offer you some cheaper alternatives to the real Venetian Masks, those we offer are good quality though never as good as the original. This is because the Italian artisan is beauty driven and less inclined to consider economy. We welcome your inquiries for a frank comparison.

Authentic Venetian Mask Styles

The “Dottore” mask was worn by the Doctor of the Pestilence who attended the sick during the time of the plague. He wore a long black cloak and a white bird like mask with glasses drawn on the mask to symbolise education.

Superstitious Venetians believed the Birdlike Mask was supposed to frighten away the affliction of the plague. The Doctor had sweet smelling herbs pocketed in the beak of his birdlike Dottore Mask which assisted in protecting him from the stench of death and the contagious nature of the plague.

Various masks were worn by the people of Venice like the Moretta Mask which was traditionally worn by young girls that were not yet promised to anyone. The Moretta Mask was not tied on to the head like other masks. Instead it was held into place by a button which was held between the teeth of the young woman who wore it. This meant that she was completely silent but also added to her allure as she silently made her way through the narrow Calle’s of the ancient city. However after the marriage she was not obliged to wear the Moretta Mask and she was better able to express herself. Hopefully this new ability was welcomed by her husband.

The ultimate Costume Mask for Venetians would certainly be the Bauta Mask, which skillfully distorts the voice with its prominent jaw line. The face is hidden under the mask and gender is disguised under a long black cloak traditionally worn with the Bauta Costume Mask. The Bauta is the favoured Mask of Venice with both Gentlemen & Ladies enjoying the mysterious effect of this traditional costume Masquerade Mask.

The fierce expression of the Bauta mask added intrigue and drama and made the wearer look powerful. The dashing cape flowed behind those who wore the costume with the addition of a feathered hat which added to stature.

To this day the Bauta mask is sometimes called Casanova, as he favored this mask and his conquests are legendary.