Masks with Glasses

Masks with Glasses, Stick for Masks

Mask with Handle or Lace Mask with Glasses

Do You Need to wear a Mask with Glasses? A stick can be added to any of the non lace masks featured on this page.

A mask with a handle is an easily managed option for a person who wears glasses. We have Italian Made Sticks for Masquerade Masks that can be attached to your selected mask. Sticks are available in Silver, Gold or Black and the appropriate colour will be attached to your chosen mask. Please purchase the Mask and then select the attach Stick Option for an extra $15.00

Ladies, if you need to wear a mask with glasses, you may want to consider a soft lace mask and add your glasses over the top. If this does not appeal to you we can add a stick to any mask that is featured here. A stick can also be added to any metal lace mask that has a feather detail. You are most welcome to discuss your options directly with us by calling 08 8333 1982

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