Add a Stick to Mask


Add a Mask Stick

Comes in Gold, Silver, Black/White or Black

To be attached by us to your selected Mask

Selected from our range.

Ideal for Solid Masks & Metal Lace Masks



Add a Stick to Your Mask

Here is our Mask Stick range to make your Mask with Stick complete. Just buy the mask you like and add this item, we will attach it securely to your mask.

We select the one that perfectly matches your masquerade mask.

Please note that soft lace masks are not suitable for this option. Handles can be added to any solid mask or a metal lace mask.

Sometimes, if we think the proportion is not ideal, we will call and discuss your options so that you be offered the best options. We will not send anything unless it looks fabulous.

The handles are Unisex so that they are suitable for men or women. Made in Venice Italy of very good quality. We attach them here in Australia according to your need.

In conclusion, each stick is $15.90 If ordering more than one item we may call to make sure which mask the stick will be attached to so that there is no confusion. You can add the info in the notes as you go out of the checkout.

Add to Men’s Masquerade Masks or Ladies Masks – for more info please call 0412 658 696


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