Silver Winged Butterfly Masquerade Mask – Made in Italy


Elegant Silver Butterfly

Filigree metal Butterfly Venetian Mask, Silver Accents.

Hand Decorated, Made in Italy



Silver Winged Butterfly Masquerade Mask

Italian made Butterfly Venetian Mask with stunning fine black filigree metal Lace Butterfly.

This is a beautiful masquerade mask that will impress even the most fastidious person. Hand decorated in delicate modern art work with Silver and White accents.

Ribbons secure the mask to the face so that it will give a perfect fit. Alternatively, a stick can be added to the mask so that glasses can be worn.

A great fit on any face and is ideal for some one who wants to make a glamour statement. No doubt very pretty with a black, silver or white dress. Current stock has a faint navy glitter applied over the black butterfly.

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