Vivaldi Phantom Mask Silver – Made in Italy


Mens Phantom Mask

Made in Venice Italy

Excellent Quality

Hand Painted, Crackle with Silver Leaf



The genuine article from Venice Italy. This Phantom Mask is hand painted with a music paper detail and Silver leaf. There is a crackle effect delicately applied over the whole mask. As this is the genuine Venetian Masquerade Mask, it will not look plastic. It stands up proudly to the closest scrutiny as the quality is obvious.

It is an ideal fit for a narrow to regular mans face. Secured to the face with ribbon ties which give a secure fit.

Phantom Origin

The Phantom is not a traditional mask style for the Venetians. This shape was designed by Antoinette from Insignia Masks, whom we source our masks from. She created the style by drawing with lead pencil on a plain face mask. It was then cut, shaped and modeled until the excellent mask that you see here was created.


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